We create inspirinG environments that improve the human experience.

International Environments (iE) is owned and operated by brothers Daniel & Carlo Arguelles.  Graduates of Arizona State University School of Architecture, they pioneered in providing design resources for developing countries starting with their own, Belize.  As the business grew so did the need for an all-inclusive team that could design, develop and execute new ideas in development, planning, architecture, engineering and construction.

With over 13 years of experience in the home country of Belize IE has been able to grow and develop ideas that compliment the country’s demand for future planning and development scenarios.  Our personal interest in seeing the country grow sustainably has put us in the forefront of many key stakeholder meetings, public consultations, government think tank sessions and local missions by visiting world banking organizations.  Our passion for local involvement and guidance assures that Belize remains competitive with global trends and sustainable developments. 

Our most recent involvement was the creation of a Belize City Master Plan that set the stage for multifaceted growth scenarios within the city’s most vulnerable areas and can now be used as a pilot project for larger planning strategies for the country.

IE remains the leading and most resourceful team in Belize and continues its progress with projects such as the Rehabilitation of the Northern Border Transportation System between Mexico and Belize, pilot projects for urban parks, sidewalks, and pedestrian friendly improvements in Belize City, as well as having worked on the study and execution of water ports ranging from small island terminals to the Port of Belize upgrade and feasibility study.

Our experiences have allowed us to engage people, communities and places from the northern borders of Belize to the southern most regions of the country between Belize and Guatemala.  IE’s design build footprint has also taken us from the islands and coastal lands in the east to the inland villages of the western parts of the country as well.  We remain a formidable source of knowledge to design and execute future sustainable growth scenarios in the best interest of our home country Belize.





"I was recently on an excursion to Xunantunich two weeks ago, and our charter bus passed by the Falcon Field Recreation Center in San Ignacio, Cayo. The project immediately caught my wife's and my attention due to its thoughtful placement and humble order. It was a highlight of our day in Belize. Keep up the great work!

-Nicholas Purcell, SBCH Architects


“… You are the very best firm of architects and contractors in Belize… to improve the face of our city.”

-Mayor Darrel Bradley


“By far the nicest building in town.”  

-Zeke Faux, taken from Bloomberg Businessweek