iE has successfully taken investors through the proper channels from acquiring land, to organizing investor finances and soft development costs. iE manages all investment groups with local counterparts allowing for fast and efficient services at any scale. 

We assist clients with research, logistics and project administration for development in Belize. We work with a team of professional affiliates integrating design, engineering and community when necessary to establish newly built environments. Our relationships with realtors, local and international financial institutions, and marketing consultants allow us to offer our clients the broadest possible range of experience, creative talents and expertise.




 iE offers planning and design consultation for strategizing urban planning in Belize as well as in other developing countries. Our design teams use Belize as a fresh canvas to shape and create environments that guide development in an organized and thought out process, bringing to life a vision of master planned communities.




iE offers master planning which by examining the issues at hand. While looking at site and infrastructure capacity and the need for new buildings, the reuse or "repurposing" of existing facilities is always the first option considered. Where new construction is recommended, our planning process takes into account the immediate context as well as the impact new facilities will have on the larger environment. Furthermore, we encourage our clients to take the "long view" in helping them to envision future development that is sustainable, cost effective and appropriate to its surroundings.

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iE offers site analysis for its clients, which is a preliminary phase dedicated to the study of climactic, geographical, infrastructural and legal context of the specific site. With our help clients can not only identify possible program, environmental or developmental constraints but also opportunities.

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iE constructs turnkey projects whether created by our firm or projects brought on by other design companies. Our team works hand in hand with designers and professional consultants to build with precise execution from design to realization.

Project Management Services include:

·    Purchases of materials & procurements

·    Supervising & managing on-site construction

·    Project communications

·    Cost controls & accounting

·    Payments & administration

·    Conducting jobsite meetings

·    Administering quality control programs

·    Performing pre-punch inspections & corrections

·    Obtaining permits & approvals

·    Coordinate owner move-in schedule

·    Operation manuals & warranties reviews

·    Conducting 1st, 5th & 11th month warranty      inspections



iE not only offer interior design, it prides itself with flawlessly combining interior architecture and interior design into a visually pleasing setting. By understanding the structure of buildings such as offices, houses, condominiums etc., iE is able to achieve a practical and beautiful setting that is also safe and functional.





iE offers feasibility studies beginning with site evaluation and analysis to determine the suitability of the site for the project in question. Following this iE ensures that the proposed project would comply with all applicable codes such as building codes and zoning regulations. Site and building programming is then documented to outline the desired interior and exterior spaces and their uses.

What follows is the development of the conceptual design of the site and building. A budget is then generated consisting of an initial estimate of construction using industry cost standards.  Lastly, documents can be used in presentations to building committees and municipal boards when seeking approval for the project.



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iE offers Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). This legal procedure is a systematic process of identifying consequences of a current or proposed action. The information that would be collected can be used for informed decision-making. It allows iE to help clients identify, predict, evaluate and mitigate the biophysical, social, and other relevant effects of development proposals prior to major decisions being taken.